The Venus Factor Review

People who are serious about losing weight are often skeptical about any new weight loss program that comes online. After all, we have had everything from no carbs, raw food, low carbs, cavemen diets, and hundreds of others. Therefore, when the public first heard about a new diet and exercise plan, they were obviously very skeptical. This article, however, decided to check it out by doing a Venus Factor review.

The Venus Factor weight-loss and diet program is specifically for women. This caused many to recognize that all diets should be gender specific because men and women apparently store fat in different places. Most men can stop eating as a diet simply, but women do not seem to have this ability. Women can exercise for hours upon hours each week and still find it difficult to eliminate or shift those stubborn pounds.

The Venus factor diet and exercise program is different because it considers hormones. It analyzes why women store fat differently than men. It also looks at what type of exercises can help to shift or eliminate fat. This simple concept makes a lot of sense, and therefore it deserves further investigation.

John Barban is the fitness and diet expert who invented the Venus factor diet for women. He wanted to establish a diet for women who have tried numerous weight loss and diet programs without any long-term success. He tested his theory on various groups of women and proceeded to fine-tune it along the way. His diet for women has nothing to do with cardio, expensive exercise machines, prepackaged diets, or weird berry pills.

This diet is based on calorie deficits and maintenance. It simply means to eat fewer calories than you expend for 5/6 days of the week. On the maintenance days of the diet, you eat even less to kick-start your metabolism. Unlike other diets out there, this carefully crafted diet will help your body to establish a specific daily maintenance amount of calories which will help you to maintain your weight.


Barban realized that a woman should be treated a lot differently than a man when it comes to dieting. The reason for this is the hormone leptin which is responsible for burning fat. Leptin will speed up your metabolism and provide a signal to your body to burn fat. Women are fortunate because they produce more leptin than men. You would think that producing more leptin would be a good thing, right?

Unfortunately, a woman may be 3X less responsive to a leptin signal than a man. They simply do not utilize their leptin to its maximum. Barban called this factor leptin resistance. When a woman diets her leptin level will drop twice as fast and twice as much as occurs when a man diets. This just means that her weight loss plateaus are much lower and quicker than a man’s weight loss plateaus.

In a nutshell, it means that a woman has a disadvantage when she tries to diet. As a result, many women who have tried to unsuccessfully lose weight blame it on the way that they are built, or maybe they simply have bad genes. The essential truth, however, is that women have a harder time dieting and losing weight than men. This is an important point to remember from this Venus Factor review.

This is where the Venus factor diet comes into play. Barban invented a system that resets leptin levels so that it can continue to be effective burning fat. He uses the term “metabolic override” to help explain how this system will work with a woman’s weight loss. With his Venus factor diet and exercise program, he promises no cravings for forbidden foods, a boosted metabolism, high energy levels, no weight loss plateaus, and permanent fat loss from thighs, hips, butt, and stomach.

Barban also believes that a woman should have a shorter workout session than a man. His diet program is 12 weeks long, and he encourages a variety of exercises that are unique for women’s weight loss. After a woman has reached a satisfactory weight and body shape, she can maintain it by doing 30 minutes of exercise each day. This Venus factor review is merely an overview, and every woman who wants to lose weight should do further investigation into the many benefits of a Venus factor diet.